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I just wanted to remind everyone out there that the Okefenokee Swamp Park are running their Annual Christmas light show and time is fast running out!

Luckily within the first few days in November when they started the train rides through the Okefenokee Swamp Park covered with thousands of Christmas lights we took the family including our middle son, his wife and 5 year old, Evan who were visiting us for Thanksgiving.

Well Evan is cute, but when we arrived in the Swamp Park parking area and he first saw those Christmas lights I have never seen a child smile as much as he was then, he was mesmerized. We had tried to visit last year when they were up from Florida, but time beat us, plus Evan suffers from autism and so you never quite know how he will react. Well everything went wonderfully, it was a great evening, he didn’t stop smiling all the time and we had a great family outing that we will remember for a long while.

Our thanks go out to Martin Bell (the Swamp Park Manager) and his band of helpers who apparently start putting lights out in October for this event, great job!

To find out the next dates, times and cost please either visit the swamp park site or our community calendar site at and just make sure you don’t miss out.
It’s a great evening out for 5 year olds just getting to know what Christmas is all about, but never fear, you don’t have to be 5, whatever age of child you are, not forgetting the young at heart, you’ll all have a great adventure.

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Derek Harrison
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