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Center Elementary a School of Excellence

Center Elementary is a school of accomplishment and the home of the Tigers. In the last two years, through the hard work of our students and staff, we have earned the distinguished honor of being recognized as a School of Excellence and a Title 1 Reward School for highest progress. In addition to our accolades, we have three pillars that we stand on: building relationships, challenging students, and preparing students for life transitions.

For 2013-2014, Center’s College Career Readiness Performance Indicator, CCRPI, score of 96.2 was the highest of the eight county districts in the Okefenokee RESA region.

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A New Look For

We have been planning this for a while now, in with a load of other jobs, in our free time, ha ha, I’m sure you’ve all been there. Well we started the change over on Wednesday, hoping all would be done sooner, but like everything else, something unexpected always pops up and it’s taken longer than hoped.

So, rather than keep the site down longer than I would ever like, I have got it to a point where it’s workable and people can use it as I continue to finish the update.

One important link that I know a number of people are looking for is the Rebuilding Together Application, so to save you looking any further, please click their logo opposite for the app.

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